Friday, September 5, 2008

25th Wedding Anniversary Party

For those of you that commented on my 25th wedding anniversary-thank you! We had a small gathering at The Blue Moon Trading Co. ( and had a wonderful time! Katie Gagnon, the owner, was kind enough to let us use the store after hours for our intimate event. We used a Farm Table to serve our hor'duerves and old galvanized buckets to hold the wine and beer. We had candles lit and chandeliers overhead to complete the ambiance and a dear friend put togher a CD of music suitable for the occasion. Half way through the gathering my husband stood up to give a 30 min. "spill" why he loves me so. It was touching, moving and a "wee bit" embarrassing at the same time! I was completely taken by surprise!

We do plan to get away soon for a romantic week-end in St. Augustine, Fl. If you haven't been there, it is heaven in disguise!! The oldest city in the US, it still has its original cobblestone streets! There are quaint antique shops and cafes scattered around town, an old Spanish Fort and an entertaing Ghost Walking tour! My mother and I visited St. Augustine a few years back and had planned to stay for one night only. The town was so enchanting we stayed for 3 nights instead!

Now if ww can just get rid of these hurricanes we might be able to get away soon. Hurricane Ike is on his way and it looks like we will have to wait another week-end!

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