Sunday, September 7, 2008

Seat Belts do save lives!

Having worked in an ER I have seen first hand the benefits of wearing seat belts. I have drilled the importance of buckling up into my children’s heads since they were "wee ones".
My efforts were realized last night when I received a call from my oldest daughter, Vanessa.
Within minutes of leaving work on her way home she was broadsided by an SUV. It caused her Ford Explorer to roll 6 times! After the car came to a stop she unbuckled herself and crawled thorough one of the busted out windows. She doesn't have complete memory of having crawled out but was told by witnesses that she did so. She remembers sitting next to the car when someone came over to lead her to a safer area away from the car.

There were many miracles that took place yesterday evening indeed! She could've hit many other cars while rolling but she only clipped the headlight of one. The occupant of that car has been undergoing chemotherapy and cannot be scratched or injured as it would compromise her immune system. She was fine. The person that hit my daughter was un-injured and my granddaughter was not in the car at the time.

Vanessa was not far from home and family and friends were on the scene within minutes. I live 8 hours away. She was taken to the hospital and given a thorough "once and twice over" along with CAT Scans and X-rays. She was sent home later with a few bruises and scratches but she is alive and well. Unfortunately, she only had liability on her vehicle and no money to replace it but the Lord will see that through too.

Turns out her air-bags did not even deploy! While they are great for head on collisions I am not sure how much good they would've done in this instance BUT what I AM sure of is what role those sometimes pesky, uncomfortable, cumbersome and "wrinkles my clothing" straps played in saving her life. Of course, not to mention the beautiful cross I had given her a few years back that says "Please protect my daughter"

Just a few nights ago 2 young men were killed here in town after they were ejected from a vehicle that rolled only once. They WERE NOT wearing seat belts. My 21 yr old son was out that evening and my husband and I discussed what a tragedy for these young men and their families. We worried about our own son that night but knew he was buckled up.
All they had to have done was "buckle up". A simple "click". Just like adjusting your mirrors and your seat before you put the car in drive. One second to reach across and buckle up for safety. No........buckle up for life!

Today and everyday teach your children the importance of those ugly little straps. If taught early enough it is just habit when you get into a car. You do it without thinking. I can think of much worse habits to learn! Most, importantly remember that children follow by example!!!!
They need you here as much as you need them.

Please pray for Vanessa as she will have to deal with this horrific event both physically and emotionally. Pray for those that were also involved and those that witnessed the accident as I am sure they were equally as shaken.

Last but not least, hug and kiss your loved ones everyday even if you may be angry with them.
You always hear people say that and think it could never happen to you. Instead you should think "why not me". In the blink of an eye your world can be altered. Thank goodness we almost always remember to hug and kiss as we leave the house.

Vanessa says she wasn't lucky-she says she was "blessed". We all were.



Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

What a miracle!

2 Virgos Designs said...

I am so glad Vanessa emerged relatively unscathed from this horrific auto accident! I am praying she gets a new auto soon. I know how hard it is to get anywher without one. I myself don't own a car. Once I started getting too sick where I couldn't drive safely and awake I got rid of it.