Friday, September 5, 2008

Silky Body Lotion, Primitive Candles and New Scents for our Luxurious Homemade Goats Milk Soap!

I have decided to bring back my silky Body Lotion! Even though it was a top seller a few years back my Goats Milk soap has become my mainstay of the business and that alone keeps me so busy. After much prodding from my customers and family members I am once again offering this nurturing lotion! I should have this up on my webiste by next week but the lotion is available now.

The Primitive Candles that are now available on the webiste are making a big hit as well! Triple scented and lasting more than 120 hours, these Primitive Candles are offered in wonderful earthy and yummy scents.

Last but not least, new scents are added weekly to my Luxurious line of Goats Milk Soaps and with the holiday season gearing up there will be new and exciting aromas to choose from!

No rest for the weary!

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