Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Pampered Lip Collection! Lip Balm like no other!!

We are sure you have used the typical everyday Lip Balm/Chap Stick, etc. and felt that heavy waxy build residue hours later? Shouldn’t your lips be absorbing rich healthy oils and vitamins to soothe and heal dry-rough lips?


Sweet Harvest Farms has formulated a recipe that leaves your lips not only soft and supple but will actually add a healthy glow to your lips! No heavy wax build up! Just “kiss-a-blee smooth! Conditions as it soothes. While we do add yummy flavors, they are quite mild. This isn’t about’s all about hydrated pampered lips!

.15 oz tube
$6.00 each
Go to to see all the flavors we offer!

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