Thursday, July 2, 2015

Handmade Artisan Soap July 4th Special!

Hellooooo everybody!

Every year, on July 4th I offer this special and every year you remind me to! LOL

In celebration on the birth of our country, when you order $75 or more from the Sweet Harvest Farms website you will 1 bar of Americana lotion and Americana soap. A $26 value FREE. Your name will also be put into a hat for a gift box valued at $50.00!

All organic and all handmade. Each bar will last 6-8 weeks in the shower! While on our website please visit the Testimonial and Press page. I think you will be impressed, to say the least!

This special will run from today July 1st through Fri. July 3rd.

Simply write “celebrate” in the coupon box at check out.

Have a safe and commemorative weekend!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

All Natural Tooth Powder - Menthe Fraiche

Menthe Fraîche All Natural Tooth Powder

Why tooth powder? Just read the label on any major brand toothpaste or mouthwash. You'll see they are loaded with dangerous toxins and chemicals such as sodium fluoride (which is used in rat poison), triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, and hydrated silica. Also added is glycerin which over time builds up film over your teeth much like furniture polish. This does not allow for anything beneficial or re-mineralization to occur for either your gums or enamel. All of these common ingredients have been found to be harmful to humans.

We use Bentonite clay which has ability to bind to toxins in the body. Bentonite clay is also rich in minerals that can nourish teeth and gums.

*Baking soda gently polishes teeth and naturally whitens your smile and baking soda as less abrasive than most commercial toothpastes. We also use aluminum FREE baking soda.

*Cloves not only has antibacterial properties but is often used to help relieve toothaches and sore gums.

*Sage has been recognized by many cultures for its natural tooth-whitening abilities, known for its astringent properties. sage is perfect for oral health and whitening discolored teeth.

*Cinnamon is a spice that can make a tooth powder quite refreshing, but it is also known for its antibacterial properties.

*Coconut Oil- Candida and Streptococcus are common residents in your mouth, These germs and their toxic waste products cause plaque accumulation and tooth decay. Coconut oil is a powerful inhibitor of a large variety of pathogenic organisms, from viruses to bacteria to protozoa, largely due to its naturally high lauric acid content, Lauric acid is considered a “healthier” saturated fat because it is a medium-chain triglyceride. Lauric acid is more easily absorbed by the body and has a host of other associated health benefits.

*Xylitol Is a natural sweetner that is found in fruits. Reduces dental tooth decay, protects against chronic diseases, has 40% fewer calories than table sugar.

*Sea salt – Pure sea salt is full of tooth-nourishing minerals, and is especially helpful in healing irritated gums.

*Peppermint essential oil has antibacterial, antiseptic, and pain-relieving properties. In addition, it adds a cool, minty fresh flavor to this tooth powder.

*Tangerine Essential Oil – This essential oil is a powerful antioxidant (As always do your own research. Look up each ingredient that is in your tube of toothpaste. What you find might scare you.)

There is also room on the tooth that is on the label for each member of the family to put their initial so that everyone has their own container of tooth powder avoiding cross contamination if someone should be ill.

To use: Wet your brush and shake just a little. Press toothbrush into powder twice. Brush your teeth. Rinse brush thoroughly and leave toothbrush out to dry. It is always a good practice to get a new tooth brush every 2 to 3 months, AND always after any sickness.

Our 4 oz. container should last 6 weeks brushing twice a day! $12.00 ea.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Goblins, Punkins' and Candy ...................oh my!

Fall is knocking at our door step and I see decorations going up everywhere! It’s the time to kiss the summer and all its heat goodbye! So with that being said I would like to “toast” the days of mugginess and humidity good bye with a little Special for everyone.

Beginning today, Oct. 1st through Fri. Oct 3rd when you order handmade soap, lotion or anything that suits your fancy from the Sweet Harvest Farms website, simply write Fall Madness into the coupon code in the coupon box at the bottom of the page during checkout to receive 20% off your entire order!

I have had many of you ask why I never offered a percentage instead of the usual free shipping or extra product. Truth of the matter is I didn’t know how to work my check out cart!! Guess I am better at making soap than the technical stuff! All figured out now. See I do listen to my customers!

Orders placed a few weeks ago are moving out the door so I am stirring the old kettle and getting more Fall and Holiday scents ready for all your clients!

Punkin’ Patch soap is again a favorite this year followed closely by Country Harvest and Christmas Thyme.

Please do keep all of your suggestions coming in and, as always, I am grateful for your patronage.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I know it’s hard to believe but Fall really is coming!

To get things started off with a bang starting Wed. August 20th through Fri. August 22nd when you order $85.00 or more from website shipping will be absolutely FREE! Simply write "Fall is coming" in the special instructions/comments box at checkout.

Shipping will go out by Fri. August 29th. AND remember that you can now order our amazing seasonal scents!!

Your card is not charged on the website. I have to do so manually once order arrives so whatever shipping you see on the cart at checkout will not be applied. If you use PayPal your shipping will be refunded immediately upon receipt of your order. Get your orders in early as orders are filled in the order they are received.

I also have a "special" for wholesalers as well! Just drop me an email at

You can reach me at email above should you have any questions and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter. (it puts you in the running for a $50 gift basket I give away every month!)

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Looking forward to cooler weather!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Earth Day Gift Bag to 25 A-list celebrities!

So I was fortunate enough to have a gift bag with an luxurious handmade artisan Amore' Soap and roll on parfume' delivered to a few A-list celebrities that champion the fight for a cleaner Earth!

I hope at least one of them loves the way this amazing soap makes their skin feel and look. My customers won't use anything else once they have tried a Sweet Harvest Farms product.

Have you had your soap yet?
 photo 2bee9216-2816-4ad1-9e0a-672bc62e8e21_zps7f073514.jpg

Click Link below to view Press Release:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Tou' Shave!

Men's Shaving Soap

Finally after a year of research, formulating and tweaking we now have an amazingly luxurious, natural and gentle shaving soap that will leave your face supple and soft without that dry, taunt skin that you might find with others on the market. Like all Sweet Harvest Farms body soaps, our shaving soaps retain 100% of the natural soap glycerin produced by our cold processed method.

What you will find is a shaving soap that has a soft, rich lather which both strong enough for the toughest of faces yet gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins.

All of our soaps are handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality possible and our soaps lather due to our own unique recipe - not because of added harsh detergents you might find elsewhere.

Each 7 oz bar is made to fit into a unique galvanized cup and should last for months! Brush provided is an authentic Silver Tip Badger Brush.

 photo eeea2026-d475-4a34-91d4-197aa0af9b82_zpsc618f5ff.jpg

To use, wet your brush with hot water (make sure the brush is thoroughly wet) then give it a shake or two to get rid of excess water. Rub your brush briskly around over the top of the shaving soap with slight pressure to force soap down into the bristles. Once lather starts to form continue rubbing the brush onto the soap for 30 seconds to one minute making sure enough soap is on your brush.

You can then run the brush directly over your beard gently, yet with vigor, so lather will start to build (adding little drops of water to keep working up a lather). It may take several shaves before you find just the right combination of hot water and soap to suit your beard. If the lather is producing bubbles or is too watery you may need to load more soap unto the brush. Everyone's beard is different in texture and thickness so don't give up if you have never used a shaving soap! This is NOT a shaving cream that just pumps out of a can! This is the "real deal" and you will find the experience, close shave and amazingly soft skin worth the effort!

Organic Ingredients: Palm Oil (sustainable), Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Colloidal Steel Cut Oatmeal, Vitamin E, Rosemary Extract, both Kaolin and Bentonite Clay (for a nice slip so the razor glides easily).


SHAVING KIT(shown above)

(Galvanized cup, Soap & brush)

$ 56.00

 photo 341b9a48-3cf0-4e4c-a69f-d95a70f75be5_zps189392de.jpg



Bayberry Rum



Eucalyptus Thyme

 photo menssoap23_zps746a8564.jpg



 photo menssoap19_zpsaa410d32.jpg



Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Natural & Luxurious Handmade Soap, Body Lotion, Shea Butter Bars AND FREE sample bars for Christmas gifts and stocking sutffers!

Beginning Dec. 3rd through Dec 6th when you order $75.00 worth of Sweet Harvest Farms products you will receive 15 sample bars absolutely FREE (a $30 value).

These bars are almost a 1/4 of the normal 7 oz. bar so they will last quite a while! At least long enough for your family and friends to notice the wonderful and amazing difference in their skin after using a Sweet Harvest Farms bar of soap!

 photo christmasblog_zpsb2f57b60.jpg

Simply write "blog special" in the special instructions/comments box at check out.

Retail/Wholesale available.

We are making skin happy one bar at a time!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Christmas Thyme Aroma Beads-All Natural Potpouri!!

Unique and refreshing, each scent of these wonderful aroma beads has its own character and special aroma. The scent stays strong for close to a year! Simply place in a very shallow (1” deep) and wide dish. You can use silver, porcelain or whatever you may have on hand. Personally I love the old silver dishes that you can pick up at Goodwill for a couple of dollars!
 photo aromabeadschristmasthyme_zps286fb1d6.jpg
This blend of beads, polished bits of glass, authentic vintage buttons, gold jingle bells, dried fern, little cones and artificial berries has the scent of Christmas! People open the jar and exclaim “It smells like Christmas!” A bit of Christmas tree, a subtle hint of cinnamon and a splash of berry all combine to make you smile! You will be saying Ho-Ho-Ho all season long!
Best news of all is this aroma will last for 8-10 months!! (see my Press page on the website for testimonials) Once scent has faded you can order the refresher oil which should last you almost 2 yrs!
3 other scents available too! Punkin Head', Sea Mist and Lavender Bud
Enjoy! 1.5 lb Jar $18.00
Go to

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just another Sweet Harvest Farms happy customer!

Sweet Harvest Farms Newsletter

Did you know that signing up for my monthly Newsletter automatically enters you into the monthly drawing for a $50 Gift Basket filled with Sweet Harvest Farms products? Did you also know that every month we offer a "special" such as free shipping, free product or both? Bet you didn't realize that this Newsletter will also keep you informed of any new products that Sweet Harvest Farms is working on or available to you already?
 photo marilynsurprise_zpsbc1dd0fe.jpg

Yes-Really! Well then what are you waiting for?!

Go to Sweet Harvest and hit the sign up button at the bottom of the homepage. Glad to meet ya!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

If I have never said that I hate moving, well......OK, hate is a strong word....It is not my favorite thing to do!

So we are doing some major downsizing but it will save us $$$!! I will miss the soaring ceilings (but not the electric bills), I will miss the in-ground pool (didn't even use it that much), I will miss the HUGE master closet (I am turning one of the bedrooms at the new house into a mater closet!) and I will miss having a 3 car garage as my production area (will have a large enough production area at the new place)

So now that I am simplifying perhaps I can post on my blog more often and get products to my customers in a shorter period of time! There are many pluses to this move and I can't wait to get settled!

 photo 9676b9e9-f5ad-4b2b-82dd-bde10d275d5d_zps6e28d749.jpg

So get ready all my little piggy's (pictured above).. it's time for a change!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Website

I am so excited about my new website! I certainly will miss the old one, but the new one is light, easy to navigate and easy to read...and of course easy to order from! In the next few weeks I will also be revamping this blog to look much like my website.

I have new products to share with you and they are just as amazing as the soaps and lotions you have come to appreciate. As always they are made from my own recipes so you won't find them made by anyone else!

My Whipped Body Polish (Body Scrubs) turned out to be phenomenal and when was the last time you even saw Body Scrub that was whipped!? Its like scrubbing with soft fluffy mousse.

The Bath Salts are just as incredible! Sweet Harvest Farms bath salts contain 6 different salts that many consider therapeutic and medicinal! photo e00c07f0-9ea6-4174-a5ee-e4a635ac746d_zpsefd1a238.jpg

Take a minute to check out the new site with all the luxurious natural bath and body products we have to offer! While there don't forget to sign up for our Newsletter. It will keep you informed of any new offerings that we are adding to our repertoire, specials we may be running for the month, and last but not least, singing up will enter you into a monthly give away for a $50.00 Gift Basket!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A New Year of possibilities!

Happy New Year! I say that with much excitement as I look forward to a New Year of renewal. It is all in the way we view our world that will determine what transpires in the days and months ahead. I choose to look forward with optimism,with peace and with determination. 

This year will bring many changes and that in itself will take a bit of strength and courage! No one likes change but it is necessary to grow. I am taking on the challenge of creating a new website-well, just a different look,really.Something that reflects where I am in this point and time. Something a bit fresher, easier to look through and a bit more user friendly. 

I will also be adding new products to my bath and body line in addition to the luxurious handmade artisan soaps, body lotions, lip balm and shea butter bars that are already offered.
I hope to have this new "look" up and running by the end of January so we will see if I can get everything done between retail/wholesale orders and the business of life itself!
Sweet Harvest Farms has grown by leaps and bounds the past 2-3 years and I can only thank all of you for that! You give me the desire to continue to research and formulate all natural bath and body recipes that many of you consider the best on the market and that is flattering indeed! 

There are some remarkable "goings on" behind the scenes here at Sweet Harvest Farms-(S.H. Farms,for short) so do stay tuned! In the meantime continue to spread the word about our amazing offerings. Remember-keep rejoicing even though the holiday season has passed! The world gives back what you put into it!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Christmas Wish

Christmas means many things to many people. The hustle bustle of shopping, the joy of cooking and the sights and sounds of the season come but only once a year. I am not so sure that all these things are the most important of Christmas but they do have their place in tradition.
My wish for Christmas is for new traditions. Not to replace the old but to thrive amongst them. I wish that we could all keep the spirit of giving, sharing and understanding in our hearts all year long. That we look at others with loving eyes, with open hearts and with compassion. I wish that we appreciate what we have and share what we can. I wish that we slow down long enough to be grateful for our friends, family and blessings. I wish that we would be happy with our good fortune and stop putting so much emphasis on what we don’t have. I wish we would pray more, play more and reflect more.

The spirit of Christmas is not just a day. It is a state of mind. It is what this day stands for that is most important.

Above all I wish for peace. I pray for peace. Not just amongst different countries, cultures and people but within our hearts. That is where it truly begins. It may seem unattainable but it is the hope of what could be that sustains us.
I am grateful for all of you. Without your support and belief in my work my small but thriving little business would cease to exists. It is because of the joy I bring you, your family and friends that I continue to produce my bath and body line. I absolutely love what I do and am amazed at how many people have come to appreciate it! Yes, there have been hills and valleys as my learning curve with these growing pains has not been easy. But you have given me encouragement, much needed constructive criticism, and of course your continued patronage.
So last by not least I wish for you and your family – unending joy, peace on earth and goodwill that will carry on well beyond Christmas Day.
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah,
Written by Cynthia Young Jennings
Sweet Harvest Farms

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

All Natural Handmade Soap for Fall-Punkin Patch, Country Harvest, Orange Clove and more!

Well this fast approaching Fall Season is coming in like a freight train! Orders for the Fall started pouring in the last week of July and haven't slowed one bit!
We have grown by leaps and bounds this past year and may soon have to move our production area to a warehouse! I never thought that we would become so big so quickly but I guess having an amazing product has its perks!
The Punkin Patch Handmade soap is always a good seller as is the Country Harvest,Cinnamon Stick and Orange Clove. I had a special order for a coffee soap and it surpassed my expectations!! Not sure if I will add it to my already long list of scents but I am definitely thinking about it!
If you think you might be ordering for the upcoming Fall Season I suggest that you order as early as you can! If you need it in a specific time frame let me know in the special instructions/comment box at check out. Just as a reminder that your order can also be sent to another address as a gift and we will write your sentiment in a card to go with the package.
Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter! We draw from that list, randomly every month, for a $50 Gift Basket! The newsletter also keeps you informed of any new products we are adding or any specials we might be offering for the month.
Well....back to the old caldron!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Teah Par Ti' ( Tea Party) Homemade & All Natural Artisan Soap-Just in time for the RNC!

Just in time for the Republican National Convention 2012!
Teah Par Ti' Handmade Artisan Soap
Using our own patented recipe this soap is made with sapponified oils of: Shea Butter, Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Oil (sustainable) along with Vitamin E and Rosemary Extract, Organic Green Tea I have created a scent that is absolutely amazing!! I blended a scent that combined all the aromas you might sense in a lush green forest. Fresh greens, soft petals, woods and musk. Very mild yet enough to fill your senses with delight!!!
Sprinkled with Organic Green Tea, this natural wonder is loaded with antioxidants and used in soap can also provide mild exfoliation and nurturing. This soap is a soft lemony color with bits of deep pink and lavender. A dizzy of colors that can blend with any decor!
Each 6 oz bar will last 4-6 weeks and is so soothing customers see reduced fine lines around their eyes!
Visit Sweet Harvest to learn more!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Please click the link below to read the article published in FOLK Magazine's Blogspot! My husband, Duane wrote it!
While on their blog sign up for a subscription to this amazing magazine (and then give a subscription to a friend!)
You can find now find FOLK in Barnes and Nobles across the country!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sweet Harvest Farms Wholesale Brochure now available!

Finally! You can now order your Sweet Harvest Farms Wholesale brochure! Email me at for information. Photobucket

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FOLK Magazine! Pop Up Store!

The wonderful staff from FOLK Magazine are setting up a Pop-Up Store located in the quaint rural community of Beaver Dam, KY, and it will come to life this Thursday through June 3rd. It will feature handmade artisan goods from 50 people from all over the US! Products range from bath and body, to primitives, to home, clothing accessories and, of course, food! FOLK Magazine wants to represent the best in American made, and what is FOLK. It's their way of promoting these artisans and saying thanks for being part of the FOLK family.


The address is 222 Main Street, Beaver Dam, KY 42320.

Hours of operation will be 9-4:30 Mon-Sat.

and 2-4 on Sunday.

Come out and support all made in America!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My All Natural Homemade Soap (Handmade Soap) Featured on TV!

So excited! So many good things have happened to me in the last 2 weeks! A major distribution center will be carrying 2000 bars of my soap a month and I have been featured on a news story!

I have worked hard for this but I am also passionate about what I do and what a simple bar of my soap can do for your skin!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Scents! All Natural Homemade Soap / Handmade Soap

Spring is in the air and everyone has been waiting patiently for the addition of new scents in my artisan handmade soap line! these have not been listed on the Sweet Harvest Farms website yet but if you would like to order any of these just drop me an email!


Patchwork – a clean yet comforting scent. Has an aroma of a fresh garden without the usual sweetness you might find in other garden scents. This is actually my favorite and I have been using it in my candles and lotions for a while now. I am now adding it for all to use! This soap will contain extra emollients to help those hands that sew and quilt a lot. It will be a soft yellow with stripes of green and blue!

Milada – (Spanish for “little miracle”) I am naming this after a friend’s beautiful daughter. This scent is very alluring! Soft yet heavy with just a touch of sweet. If you like my tiffany’s or Secret Garden you will love this one! This is going to be pink with a few rose petals adorning the top.

Sheridan’s Flower – Named after a teacher that is a dear friend, this scent is a true Gardenia! Just like putting your nose into the flower itself! This soap will be white with bits of sage.

Gardeners Helper – a true fresh scent of tantalizing Grapefruit! This will be a “specialty Bar” as it is going to be loaded with extra emollient’s, loads of cornmeal and emulsified grit to really clean those hands that garden and do yard work. This will be a very slight pink color.(This is a Specialty Bar and will be $10.00 for each large 6 oz bar)

I have been selling the new scents at the markets and through my Reps that wholesale my soap on the east coast and the response has been overwhelming!

Also my Groupon came out this weekend in the Tampa,Fl area and I was pleasantly surprised at the number of Groupons sold.

My soap business has taken on a life of its own and keeps me busy day and night!
I am thrilled that my customers are happy with what many consider the best darn homemade soap on the planet!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Luxurious and Aromatic Homemade Soap for Fall! Punkin' Patch!

If you have ever smelled Grandma's Pumkin Pie fresh out of the oven then you know what heaven during the Fall must smell like! Now try imagining that aroma mixed with Candy Corn, nutmeg and cloves and what you've got is Punkin' Patch!


This soap is made with the same wonderful luxurious ingredients as Sweet Harvest Farms other soap so don't be fooled by this amazing Fall scent! It is still a wonderful bar of true homemade soap!

Order early!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mariel Hemmingway's Promo of my Sweet Harvest Farms Bundle of handmade Body Lotion, Shea Butter Bar and my amazing Lip Balm!

Sweet Harvest Farms All-Natural Skin Care
from Mariel Hemingway

Sweet Harvest Farms produces everything by hand, in small-batches, using pure ingredients..I love to find products that not only make my skin look and feel (and in this case, smell!) amazing, but are as natural as possible. I recently discovered Sweet Harvest Farms, a skin care company that produces everything by hand, in small-batches and using the purest ingredients available.


The lavender body lotion is amazing. It's rich in all-natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, vitamin E, jojoba oil and aloe, all of which hydrate and soften my skin. And the lavender scent is so lovely and relaxing. Perfect for applying after a bath and de-stressing at the end of a long day.

The shea butter bar is my cure-all for areas that need a little extra TLC like my heels, elbows and cuticles. It only takes one dab to experience intensive moisturizing therapy.

Then there’s the lip balm, which comes in a sweet "very berry" flavor. Unlike some lip balms that contain petroleum-based ingredients (who wants to put petroleum anywhere near their lips?!), this soothing balm is made with soy wax, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and other natural ingredients. Not only does it nourish and protect my also tastes great!

Need another reason to love this trio? All items are packaged in recycled materials. Hope you love Sweet Harvest Farms as much as I do!



The Details
Sweet Harvest Farms is a cottage industry run by family members only. Their products do not contain mineral oil, which is a petroleum byproduct, nor do they contain Lanolin which is a wax derivative of Sheep's wool, and can cause allergies.

Nurturing Body Lotion
Ingredients: Coco Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Soy Wax, Jojoba Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Water, Aloe Gel, Citric Acid, Witch Hazel Extract, Lavender Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract, Sage Leaf Extract, Sesame Seed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Avocado Oil

Shea Butter Lotion Bar
Ingredients: Vitamin E, Shea Butter (from Shea Nut), Organic Palm Oil (sustainable), Jojoba Oil, All-Natural Soy Wax

Pampered Lip Balm
Ingredients: Soy Wax, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Palm Oil(sustainable), Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E

Please note that all products contain Shea butter, which comes from the Shea Nut. Those with severe allergies to nuts should exercise caution.

Simply go sign up at (its FREE) and view Mariels promotion of Sweet Harvest Farms!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

FREE Shipping on All Natural Homemade Soap,All Natural Handmade Goats Milk Soap, Lip Balm, Body Lotion, etc., on Sweet Harvest Farms website!

Hi everyone!

I have had a few emails (well, ok, more than a few) asking when I would be offering FREE shipping again. I had planned on doing so for Sept. but it seems with school starting, and all that requires, that everyone could use extra change in their pockets.So starting Aug. 2nd and running through Fri. Aug.5th, I am offering FREE shipping on any order of $50.00 or more.

I am also going to put everyones name that orders in a hat. One name will be drawn and that customer will receive 1 Lip Smoothie from The pampered Lip Collection, 1 roll on perfume (Roll On Aromatics-brand new and not even on the website yet!), 1 dry-spray cologne (Lisser Brume Collection-not on website yet!) and 1 Body Lotion! This is a $44.00 value absolutely FREE just for your to try!


When ordering from the Sweet Harvest Farms website, you will see at check out there is a "Special Instructions" box. Simply write "August Special".
Also, when you check out it may seem that your CC is being charged but it is not. I do so manually after I receive the order so your shipping will NOT be added to the total. If you use PayPal your shipping will be refunded immediately upon receipt.

I am also Preparing to launch a few new scents and would like some feedback! What aroma would you like to see added to my line of bath and body products? This could be soap, perfume and lotion. Just drop me a line!

Thank you for your continued patronage!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Pampered Lip Collection! Lip Balm like no other!!

We are sure you have used the typical everyday Lip Balm/Chap Stick, etc. and felt that heavy waxy build residue hours later? Shouldn’t your lips be absorbing rich healthy oils and vitamins to soothe and heal dry-rough lips?


Sweet Harvest Farms has formulated a recipe that leaves your lips not only soft and supple but will actually add a healthy glow to your lips! No heavy wax build up! Just “kiss-a-blee smooth! Conditions as it soothes. While we do add yummy flavors, they are quite mild. This isn’t about’s all about hydrated pampered lips!

.15 oz tube
$6.00 each
Go to to see all the flavors we offer!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Potpourri Aroma Beads! A Sweet Harvest Farms Original!

Unique and refreshing, this blend of beads, polished bits of glass, sea shells and authentic vintage buttons, is drenched in an aroma that takes you back to your childhood at the beach! Clean and fresh, this mixture will scent your room for months! Most importantly, because it’s made of natures best, you can refresh anytime and it will never lose its look or vibrance! Place in shallow and wide dish, basket or your best silver plate! Refresher oil available.

Order on the Sweet harvest Farms website.

1.5 lb Jar $20.00

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Sweet Harvest Farms of Soaps, Antiquities, Potpourri-St. Pete Times Article

Elizabeth Bettendorf, St.PeteTimes Correspondent
Original Print: Friday, August 15, 2008


Photo by Cynthia Young-Jennings

Cynthia "C.J" Jennings remembers the first time she picked up a paintbrush as a child. She didn't put her brush to canvas or even paper. Instead, a pair of her father's old Army boots — souvenirs from Korea — caught her eye. Jennings painted a landscape on the boots, inadvertently foreshadowing a major decorating trend decades later. "I was doing primitive and shabby years before anyone had ever heard of it," she recalls. "I was painting on old things before it was the thing to do."

These days, Jennings puts her artistic talents to use in her small family business, Sweet Harvest Farms, The farm is quasi-fictional, just a cute, two-story yellow house off Interbay Boulevard that she leases with her husband, Duane, a training director at MacDill Air Force Base Central Command.

Her Web site, filled with old photos and uplifting quotes, looks much like the inside of her home, which is layered with antiques, quilts, estate-sale finds and Jennings' own handmade primitive dolls and folk art. The best part of the house is the way it smells: A blend of botanicals, herbs and spices permeates every room. The good smells are the result of her latest venture: luxurious goat's milk soap that she makes by hand in her kitchen.

"This is true soap made for healing properties," says Jennings, who also adds things like Olive oil, Shea butter, Coco butter, Flaxseed Oil, Jojoba Oil and others. Her clients rave about soft skin and sweet-smelling houses.
"I have people who use my soap and won't use anything but," says Jennings, a regular vendor at the Saturday Morning Market in St. Petersburg,Fl,the Base Exchange at MacDill Air Force Base, at the Relic on Manhattan, Blue Moon Trading Co. in South Tampa. Sweet Harvest Farms soap can be found in many other Spa's, Boutiques and shops dotted throughout the USA and abroad.
"She's amazingly talented," raves Blue Moon owner Katie Gagnon. "Her products have a vintage look and feel so they fit in very well in here. I like to arrange them in vignettes around the store, which is kind of fun."

Jennings also makes a richly scented potpourri that she stirs and "melds" over several weeks to create a scent that lasts longer than usual. One summer variety smells like the ocean and contains bits of sea glass and shells. A winter version delivers the heady fragrance of Christmas trees and comes with real jingle bells tucked inside the package.

"I've had people tell me that it still makes their homes smell good months later," she says.

The beautiful chunks of handmade soap are cured on Jennings' dining room table. When finished, the soaps wear the earthy Sweet Harvest Farms paper labels. A style all her own.The Sweet Harvest brand extends to Jennings' personal decorating style, something she developed living in far-flung places as an Air Force wife.

The couple, who will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in a few weeks, have moved 15 times. Jennings manages to make every home beautiful.The proof is in the pictures she whips out of the neglected plantation house in Camden, S.C., that she transformed with a collection of antique furniture and flea market treasures.

"It has to have character, old or new. I only surround myself with things that make me smile," Jennings says.

She's a fan of antique tarnished silver, old wooden wardrobe cabinets, even an 1800s French dressmaker's mannequin that stands in a hall bathroom. The wooden swan atop the fireplace mantel rests on an antique ammunition box; the primitive wooden cabinet next to the TV is actually an authentic grain bin, probably a century old.

The secret to her uncluttered look?

"It's really funny," she says. "I'll pick up things because I like them. Then I'll live with them for a while and then rotate them out of my collection."

Jennings, who once owned her own boutique in Destin, FL (customers included Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe and Jim Carrey) explains that another secret to keeping a house looking put together and uncluttered is investing only in furnishings that have a double use. The antique pine chest in front of her gorgeous, pale-blue sofa doubles as storage for games and magazines. (The sofa, a secondhand find, was purchased for $350 on Craigs List.)

Antique picture frames dress up her bathroom mirrors, and vintage mirrors hang in an artful cluster off the front hallway for fast primping. A cabinet in the front hall serves as a display case for family heirlooms. Atop the cabinet and in an antique child's rocker are handmade primitive angel dolls that Jennings makes from muslin. The dolls, which retail for around $200, have soulful, decidedly non-cute faces and often wear the antique christening gowns Jennings collects. And true to her childhood passion, her folk art paintings adorn all sorts of utilitarian objects, including New England sap buckets.

Sweet tea, anyone?
Jennings, friendly and down to earth, still speaks with a hint of her native San Antonio, Texas, accent. She greets guests with homemade sweet tea and a plate of hummus and pita. She has raised four kids and has six grandchildren. The two-story yellow house that is Sweet Harvest Farms is usually filled with friends and kids and the Jenningses' dogs, a Goldendoodle named Teddy and a rescued Bichon Frise, Collette.

The couple plan to have their family gather around them when they renew their vows at Blue Moon in a few weeks.
Jennings said she picked the store for the same reason she picks her own houses and furniture.

"We could have rented a fancy hall," she said, "or had the same event in a place where I can be surrounded by things that have a history and a story behind them."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All Natural Homemade Laundry Soap.......from scratch!!

The Handmade Laundry Soap I produce is from my own recipe and is totally from scratch. This is not your mix of Borax, Ivory, Baking Soda, Fels Naptha or Zote as some claim to be "homemade".

True Homemade Laundry soap was the only soap used in eras gone by- and for good reason! This soap actually gets your clothes brighter than you store bought detergent and Sweet Harvest Farms Laundry Soap does not contain harmful detergents or chemicals.

Wine, grass & dirt stains are no match for this wonderful soap! In addition machine repairmen find that this type of soap, in combination with ¼ cup vinegar in your rinse cycle~ (I promise it won't smell up your laundry!) eliminates the grime and build-up that collects inside your machine over time. When you order I will cut the huge brick into 5 large bars for you making it easier for you to grate on any normal cheese grater.You can also cut into smaller pieces grate in your food processor and grate into a powder of sorts.

Use 1/3 to ½ cup of grated flakes to your water before adding clothes. Don't expect huge suds. Suds come from harsh chemicals and detergents and actually have nothing to do with how clean your clothes will be.This soap is great for either top or front loaders.

I am providing soap with Lavender, "No Scent" or Fresh Linen Scent. Scented Soap Bricks are only lightly scented and not over-powering. Instructions are included with bricks.

Each Laundry Brick~ $18.00
(approximately 5 large 6 oz. bars)
Each brick weighs 2.2 lbs


Be sure and visit the Testimonial page on the Sweet Harvest Farms website to see what our customers are raving about!
Sweet Harvest Farms

Monday, October 5, 2009

Wholesale Handmade Soap & Wholesale Homemade Soap - Unique*Refreshing*Distinctive!

Wholesale homemade and handmade soap now available!

Alright already!! So many of you have requested Wholesale that I have finally relented!
I have made my entire Bath and Body and Potpourri line now available to shop owners!
Those that have already ordered are seeing my luxurious homemade soap fly out the doors!Visit our Testimonial page to find out why!

Just drop me a line for more Wholesale info!!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Restoring a Buckley home at Kamschatka-Camden, SC

When my husband was hired to work at Shaw AFB. Sumter, SC I began in earnest to find an historic home in one of the near by towns to lease. Going by nothing more than maps and Google searches I came across the small town of Camden, SC. Little did I know that my Decorating and Design skills would come in handy!

We moved there blind hoping the good Lord would lead us to right home for our family and one large enough where I could continue my business of making my homemade and handmade soap, potpourri and continue to paint my Folk Art on my primitive finds.We found a huge home on property named Kamschatka (pronounced Kam-chat-ka) and it was love at first sight!

The property consisted of the main home (a Mansion, actually) and 6 other cottages and one cottage that had been used as an office, stables, in-ground pool and tennis court. Now understand that these so called "cottages" were really homes but from what I understood that those with considerable wealth in the south considered these cottages. Not sure why.

This old photo of the main house main house does not do it justice. Our house sat right behind this home.

The mansion on the property was originally built by General Chestnut in 1854.
William Buckely, Sr. purchased it years later as a summer home and had cottages built on the property for all of his children.The most famous of his children was Bill—William F. Buckley Jr. He was the founder of National Review, authored 56 books, and once ran for mayor of New York City. Bill was the 6th of 10 children born to Willam F. Buckely Sr. and his wife Aloïse.

We leased the largest of these cottages as it was close to 4,000 sq feet! When I first walked in I almost cried as it was in deplorable condition. Plaster was coming off the walls, the wood that was abundant on the walls and doors was marred and scratched and the kitchen was in no better shape than the rest of the house. Striking a deal with the landlord, I was able to negotiate a lower rent for my promise to repair what I could. I changed out light fixtures, re-designed the layout of the kitchen, re-plastered and painted the bedrooms and replaced light fixtures.
The heavier work was done by contractors.

Each room took about 2 weeks to complete and restoring the beautiful wood to its former glory took weeks of pain-staking oiling and rubbing. When all was said and done it was beautiful-just like I knew it would be in the end.Whatever light fixtures and changes I made would remain when we left.

Old metal bathroom cupboards that were old and rusty I replaced with either a mirror or other primitive cupboards. We painted the rooms soft colors as not to distract from the dark wooden doors and wains-coating.

The kitchen was quite a sight to behold in the beginning!
It was scary!! We had the kitchen painted a soft lemon color and had the fridge change places with the stove to create better flow to the space. We took the horrible florescent light down and replaced it with a pot rack that contained its own lighting.
Next we tackled my daughters room.The plaster was completely chipping away and there were cracks to be filled. Re-plastering walls is a lost art and it is a time consuming process but I really loved seeing these rooms come to life again!
I wouldn't have decorated quite the way it ended up , but my college age daughter had ideas of her own and that was fine with me.I found 2 Vintage Chenelle bedspreads and used them for the window treatments. A small Shabby chandelier was added for lighting and was just the right size!
We left our son's room to last as he was living in Texas going to school. We tackled that job right before he returned.

This room too was missing alot of the plaster (but you can't really see that in the photos).
I love Laura Ashley's Taupe (you can find her line of paint at Lowe's). There are different shades o Taupe to choose from and I used them all throughout the house.

Seth's room also had a 1/2 bath and even though the walls were fine they needed a bit of "Ompf" and since the Landlord would not let me wallpaper I decided to do a glaze/rag technique.I also replaced the horrible medicine cabinet with a mirror.
Why in the world I didn't get photos of all the other rooms or the grand foyer is beyond me!! You always think that there is time and then it seems to just get away from you. The foyer was so large that we set our famr table in the middle and used it for our main dining room. The room that should've been the dining room we re-did as an office.The 3 fireplaces were just as beautiful and I had an old German bench sitting in front of one of them.

We have such wonderful memories of this home and miss our landlords Bill and Dee White. They almost became surrogate parents, if you will. We think of them often. Their kindness will never be forgotten.

I understand that this historic plantation is now up for sale.I know the Whites will miss it as will we. My prayer is whoever buys the property will love it as much as we did.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Healing Homemade Soaps

I am not one to expand and rave about my Homemade Goats Milk Soap since it speaks for itself but I received a touching email from a woman that purchased soap from me a while back and returned to buy more just a few days ago.She told me her story and then put it in writing. This is the email she wrote.It brought me to tears. As I have said before, people like this make all the hard work and labor involved in making these soaps all worth while.

"My name is Marty, I am a pediatric nurse in St.Pete, Fl. I met you on Saturday at Macdill AFB. I was very happy to see you there because my daughter had purchased some soap from you several months ago, since then, I have been hoping that you would be back and luckily for me you were there. In October of last year, I colored my hair with a dye I purchased from a local store, and I had a terrible allergic reaction. My hair fell out and I had a terrible rash that eventually spread from my head to my entire body. I had seen 5 or 6 doctors who (of course), refused to believe that this was from the hair dye. Finally, after I had researched myself, I decided to change soap as I had such a bad reaction that my entire immune system was in hyperdrive. I changed to your soap. Then I laid in the sun (nude as it covered my whole body) and guess what, the rash was gone in just a matter of hours. I continue to use the soap because it has done wonders for healing my skin and keeping the rash away. Thank you!! I think that if we get back to more natural and old fashioned ways of taking care of ourselves, we would be much better off. The doctors are amazed and cannot believe that all their medications and theories and all the lab work and the biopsies were WRONG. Anyway thanks again and please keep making soap. I have told my friends and they look forward to using your product. As a matter of fact, I shared some of the soap I purchased with a friend who is having the same problem. I'm sure she'll be happy with the results. Thanks again, Marty Benner"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Acne and Blemish Soap

I was so moved today. I had 3 people come up to me thanking me for changing their appearance. I figured they were just refering to my Homemade Goats Milk Soap, since many customers comment on the improved condition of their skin.It was the Acne and Blemish Soap they were talking about!

I use a natural alternative to Salicylic Acid. This ingredient is used in Acne remedies but is produced in a lab. I have found that a form of Willow Bark contains this in its natural state and after much tweeking, trial and error I have come up with just the right amount to make this soap a much needed choice for those that want to control their Acne in natural non-chemical way.

Its just so nice to know that a simple bar of Homemade Soap can make such a difference! Makes all the hard work worth it!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Seat Belts do save lives!

Having worked in an ER I have seen first hand the benefits of wearing seat belts. I have drilled the importance of buckling up into my children’s heads since they were "wee ones".
My efforts were realized last night when I received a call from my oldest daughter, Vanessa.
Within minutes of leaving work on her way home she was broadsided by an SUV. It caused her Ford Explorer to roll 6 times! After the car came to a stop she unbuckled herself and crawled thorough one of the busted out windows. She doesn't have complete memory of having crawled out but was told by witnesses that she did so. She remembers sitting next to the car when someone came over to lead her to a safer area away from the car.

There were many miracles that took place yesterday evening indeed! She could've hit many other cars while rolling but she only clipped the headlight of one. The occupant of that car has been undergoing chemotherapy and cannot be scratched or injured as it would compromise her immune system. She was fine. The person that hit my daughter was un-injured and my granddaughter was not in the car at the time.

Vanessa was not far from home and family and friends were on the scene within minutes. I live 8 hours away. She was taken to the hospital and given a thorough "once and twice over" along with CAT Scans and X-rays. She was sent home later with a few bruises and scratches but she is alive and well. Unfortunately, she only had liability on her vehicle and no money to replace it but the Lord will see that through too.

Turns out her air-bags did not even deploy! While they are great for head on collisions I am not sure how much good they would've done in this instance BUT what I AM sure of is what role those sometimes pesky, uncomfortable, cumbersome and "wrinkles my clothing" straps played in saving her life. Of course, not to mention the beautiful cross I had given her a few years back that says "Please protect my daughter"

Just a few nights ago 2 young men were killed here in town after they were ejected from a vehicle that rolled only once. They WERE NOT wearing seat belts. My 21 yr old son was out that evening and my husband and I discussed what a tragedy for these young men and their families. We worried about our own son that night but knew he was buckled up.
All they had to have done was "buckle up". A simple "click". Just like adjusting your mirrors and your seat before you put the car in drive. One second to reach across and buckle up for safety. No........buckle up for life!

Today and everyday teach your children the importance of those ugly little straps. If taught early enough it is just habit when you get into a car. You do it without thinking. I can think of much worse habits to learn! Most, importantly remember that children follow by example!!!!
They need you here as much as you need them.

Please pray for Vanessa as she will have to deal with this horrific event both physically and emotionally. Pray for those that were also involved and those that witnessed the accident as I am sure they were equally as shaken.

Last but not least, hug and kiss your loved ones everyday even if you may be angry with them.
You always hear people say that and think it could never happen to you. Instead you should think "why not me". In the blink of an eye your world can be altered. Thank goodness we almost always remember to hug and kiss as we leave the house.

Vanessa says she wasn't lucky-she says she was "blessed". We all were.


Friday, September 5, 2008

All Natural Homemade Laundry Soap!!

You know I thought I would mention this because alot of people still don't know that I offer Homemade Laundry Soap!! I sell this soap in "No Scent" or in "Fresh Linen" but can do just about any scent you like! I like the Lavender myself! This soap will get your clothes cleaner than anything you have used before and you can actually use a dry bar as a spot remover!!

Lard & Lye Laundry Detergent was the only soap used in era’s gone by-and for good reason. Wine, grass & dirt stains are no match! In addition machine repairmen find this type of soap in combination with 1/2 cup vinegar added to the rinse cycle not only leaves your clothes soft but keeps grime & build up from collecting in your machine! Grate your bar into flakes after cure date. Use 1/3 to 1/2 cup of flakes (per load) as your machine is filling with water. Don’t expect to see lots of suds. Suds come from harsh detergents & chemicals which have nothing to do with how clean your clothes will be. You can also rest assured that it is enviromentally safe as well!

I have considered grating the bars myself and sell the flakes in a bag but my loyal customers will hear nothing of the sort! They say they know just how many "grates" to do for their washing machine! One huge brick will get you about 5-6 large bars.

Just pop on over to my website and read all about it!

25th Wedding Anniversary Party

For those of you that commented on my 25th wedding anniversary-thank you! We had a small gathering at The Blue Moon Trading Co. ( and had a wonderful time! Katie Gagnon, the owner, was kind enough to let us use the store after hours for our intimate event. We used a Farm Table to serve our hor'duerves and old galvanized buckets to hold the wine and beer. We had candles lit and chandeliers overhead to complete the ambiance and a dear friend put togher a CD of music suitable for the occasion. Half way through the gathering my husband stood up to give a 30 min. "spill" why he loves me so. It was touching, moving and a "wee bit" embarrassing at the same time! I was completely taken by surprise!

We do plan to get away soon for a romantic week-end in St. Augustine, Fl. If you haven't been there, it is heaven in disguise!! The oldest city in the US, it still has its original cobblestone streets! There are quaint antique shops and cafes scattered around town, an old Spanish Fort and an entertaing Ghost Walking tour! My mother and I visited St. Augustine a few years back and had planned to stay for one night only. The town was so enchanting we stayed for 3 nights instead!

Now if ww can just get rid of these hurricanes we might be able to get away soon. Hurricane Ike is on his way and it looks like we will have to wait another week-end!

Silky Body Lotion, Primitive Candles and New Scents for our Luxurious Homemade Goats Milk Soap!

I have decided to bring back my silky Body Lotion! Even though it was a top seller a few years back my Goats Milk soap has become my mainstay of the business and that alone keeps me so busy. After much prodding from my customers and family members I am once again offering this nurturing lotion! I should have this up on my webiste by next week but the lotion is available now.

The Primitive Candles that are now available on the webiste are making a big hit as well! Triple scented and lasting more than 120 hours, these Primitive Candles are offered in wonderful earthy and yummy scents.

Last but not least, new scents are added weekly to my Luxurious line of Goats Milk Soaps and with the holiday season gearing up there will be new and exciting aromas to choose from!

No rest for the weary!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

25 Years and going strong!

25 years! .August 20th, 1983 ...and they said it wouldn't last!! I hope many of you have been blessed enough to have found what I have in a loving and unselfish partner! Its not easy living with someone day in and day but the rewards outway the "bumps in the road!"
4 beautiful children later and I still get butterflies when he walks in the door.
I wouldn't trade the last 25 years for a anything.
Here's to 25 more Duane!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Read All About it!

Was thrilled to recieve a call from the St. Pete Times last week!
They asked to do a feature story and came over the next day spending hours in my home. What a nice visit and what a great gal!

Read the article here:

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Friday, January 25, 2008

A New Venture!

This is a new venture for me! Not knowing much about HTML or blogs, for that matter, I decided I needed to "get with it!"

I encourage those of you who find me here to take a peek at my website and feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

You can also find me at We are a group of artist that have been contracted to sell our offerings at the Markets throughout the US. The Pinnacle Collection is busy posting photos from all their artist and it may take some time to have the website completed and all artist featured so check back often!

I too will be adding new items, both here and on my website, whenever I can find a spare moment away from painting or making soap!Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you back soon!