Sunday, October 22, 2017

There is really so little time for me to blog as I produce all our organic products from scratch but it has been brought to my attention that a few lines every couple of days will help our amazing products reach the masses!There are so few artisans out there doing what I do that many are surprised that their are some of us are still very hands on.

Also, take a peek at our new photos! I hired Jeremy Scott Photography and it was well worth the time and money spent. What a fantastic job. Absolutely brought out the beauty of what we do.
You will also find our new Ad/Video on the Press and About page. With A Reel Mark Production Co. at the helm and her video editor TRountree Production in tow, the making of the video was a bit grueling at times but fun and a huge learning curve for all of us. What a great team!

With all that, said if you haven't used our seasonal soaps or lotions you are in for a treat! They are flying off the shelves and the aromas are only unique to Sweet Harvest Farms. Punkin' Patch, Country Harvest, Candy Cane etc. and what our products will do for your skin is far beyond our competitors.

Hope to see you around town or on the web. And's not just's an experience!

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